Saturday, 3 October 2015

Apple Week 2015: celebrating all things apple!

Tomorrow, the 4th October, marks the start of Apple Week here at Beningbrough! Apples are in season, and we grow exactly 48 varieties of apple, with 38 of them growing in the Walled Garden, and 10 in the Orchard. We also have a special collection of young Yorkshire apples growing in the Walled Garden, including varieties like the Cox’s Orange Pippin, the Ribston Pippin and the Acklam Russet. Come down to Beningbrough between the 4th–11th October (we’re closed Mondays) to join in with activities such as apple pressing, apple short talks, and sampling the special apple–themed menu in the restaurant.

Apple pressing

Apple pressing demonstrations will be taking place on Sunday the 4th and 11th October, at 1pm and 3pm. You can see how the press is used, which varieties work best, and then try the freshest juice in Beningbrough!

Apple walks, talks and facts

Aside from apple pressing, there are many other activities happening every day throughout Apple Week. Specialist short talks accompanied by a short apple walk (each day at 1pm and 2.30pm) not only give you an insight into the varieties of apples grown at Beningbrough, but also some tips on how to grow them in your own garden. You can also walk around the Walled Garden and see if you stumble across some apple-related facts…

Apple displays, and apple and cider tastings

There will be a display of some of the varieties of apple grown at Beningbrough in the Garden Room, where you can compare and contrast the different types, and their uses. You might be surprised at how different some of the apples appear! There’ll also be apple tasting (the times may vary), and the opportunity to try some of our locally sourced cider, which you can buy in the shop.

Appley delights!

After you’ve sampled all the apple activities, head across to the restaurant to indulge in a variety of apple dishes. From strudels to crumbles, and pork belly and apple casserole to roast pork in apple sauce, there’s something from the apple season for everyone!

So come down to Beningbrough between the 4th and the 11th October (remember that we’re closed Mondays) to join in with some activities to celebrate the British favourite, the apple!

See above for a detailed programme of what’s happening everyday (or you can find a larger version here)

Click here to go to the garden page, where you can download a fruit tree plan!

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