Monday, 23 March 2015

National Butchers' Week 2015

Monday is the start of National Butchers’ Week. This event is all about celebrating local, independent retailers and highlighting the benefits of buying from these butchers, which are: an improved range of products, a more personal service, and convenience as they are often located on the high street. But why are Beningbrough telling you this? We want to introduce you to our local butcher…

R&J Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers and Butchers


Based in Ripon, R&J Yorkshire’s Finest were established in 1978 by Rob and Jo Atkinson (hence the name R&J!) Both Rob and Jo came from farming backgrounds, and have extensive knowledge in the meat industry. Although it started out as a small business, their flavoursome meat has allowed them to supply many restaurants across the region, and their son Ryan has been influential in the expansion of this family business. They have been supplying Beningbrough for many years, but are now also supplying the National Trust throughout Yorkshire and the North.

Leisure for livestock


All their animals graze freely in open pasture, and are fed on a natural diet- there’s no intensive farming in sight. Quite apart from this being much kinder to the animals, it also enhances the flavour. 

But how does this make a difference at Beningbrough’s restaurant?


© National Trust Images/ Chris Lacey
This means that when you buy a meal at Beningbrough, you know that the meat is of the highest quality and best possible taste, and the animals have been treated to the highest welfare standards. Buying from local producers also reduces the food miles as the produce doesn’t have very far to travel, which is better for the environment.

Of course, meat is not the only ingredient used in our restaurant. Vegetables are equally as important, and seasonal produce grown in our walled garden is harvested, which is then used in our restaurant.


© National Trust Images/ John Millar

Come along at Sunday lunch time to try our roast, which alternates between pork and beef, and uses R&J Yorkshire’s Finest special Vale of York Pork... We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for full details about Beningbrough’s restaurant, including opening times.

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Images supplied by R and J Yorkshire's Finest unless otherwise stated.