Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Beningbrough gardens through time

As part of a series of talks and presentations this winter, join the Beningbrough garden team on Friday 22nd November for two informative and visually delightful presentations to brighten up the dullest of winter days. '25 years in the making’ shows the developments of the walled garden, while ‘A year in the life’ is a photographic journey capturing the changes each month.

’25 Years in the Making’ is an opportunity to find out how the walled garden came to be in its current state. Originally a kitchen garden, reaching the height of its productivity in the Victorian era, the area went into a steady decline, eventually ending up as a ploughed field. This was leased to a local market gardener in the 1960s. When the lease ended in 1975, the Trust could only afford to grass the area and lay a few perimeter paths. The real change came in 1995, when an anonymous legacy provided some capital and the funds to employ a gardener dedicated to the Walled Garden. Mark turned out to be the right man for the job, and remains a dedicated member of the garden team to this day. Using recently discovered archive materials, join Mark and Tom (two of Beningbrough’s professional gardeners) on the first of our journeys through time – as turf is lifted, paths laid, vegetable beds planned, trees planted and the plain field transforms to the garden as we see it today.

 This is what the glass house in the Walled Garden looks like today....

…and this is what it looked like in 1995…

Over eighteen years the space has changed from an empty field, to a thriving garden full of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Back in the present day, discover the changes which happen to the walled garden throughout the seasons. Bob, a garden volunteer, recently decided to repeat a project undertaken some ten years ago, documenting the changing face of the garden through a whole year.  The original images, from a conventional camera and A4 sized, filled an entire room.  The updated version, using digital technology, sits on Bob’s laptop and projects a moving photo montage taken from 13 positions in the garden. Watch as spring bulbs give way to the bounty of summer, then fades into autumn, before freezing into winter.  

Look how much the  pear arch changes over just a few months:

This talk will also include a walk, following the route outlined in both presentations and with additional expert information and interpretation. The presentation will begin at 10:30 in the learning centre and costs £25 per person, including a light lunch and refreshments on arrival. Booking is essential via Jo Parker (Events and Marketing Coordinator) on 01904 472027.

This is only one of several talks and presentations we will be hosting over the next few months. Others include…

Monday 11 November
Lost Houses of Yorkshire
Join Edward Waterson, one of the region’s leading property experts and author as he shares his research about grand houses and estates from around the county

Thursday 28 November
Unseen Beningbrough
Join Mark Newman, National Trust Archaeologist on an informative and entertaining journey as he showcases the latest rediscoveries of the lost past including recent geo-physics research in the parkland hinting at the hidden gardens beneath our feet.

Thursday 5 December
The Beningbrough bomber boys
All year we have told the stories of the air crews, both British and Canadian, billeted here during WWII from nearby Linton-on-Ouse. Join Ted Sumner, Property Historical Researcher for an insightful and entertaining presentation on lost love, bravery, mischief and more.

Monday 9 December
Scandalous stories from Seaton Delaval
Uncover the truths behind the myths of the Delaval family in the 18th century with stories of adultery and illegitimate children. Volunteer Kate Gibson presents her research in an informative and entertaining presentation on the former owners of this grand estate, now under National Trust management.

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